Laurent Cisneros : the force of commitment at the service of passion and emotion

Laurent Cisneros
Owner of Chateau de Rouillac

There are personalities that are defined principally by their actions. Laurent Cisneros is of those. His philosophy is that each person is confronted with his pathway through life. He trusts his intuition and that is how he came to be the owner of Chateau de Rouillac.
While continuing his studies he almost became a professional footballer, in particular when he played for Cannes alongside Zidane. However, tired of waiting for a contract that took a long time to arrive, he decided to turn a new leaf and integrate the small heating and plumbing business created by his father, a Spanish immigrant who had settled in Angouleme in 1963. He quickly got a feel for the business and bought his father out. Within 10 years the company had evolved into a thriving enterprise employing 80 people. In 2009 he was in turn bought out by a big industrial company, which allowed him, at the age of 42, to embark upon a new life adventure. He became a wine-producer like his Spanish grandfather, a courageous man who worked the arid land not far from Madrid. His path led him to Chateau de Rouillac, a viticultural estate slumbering just outside Bordeaux. A magnificent chartreuse built by Baron Haussmann, a terroir of great potential that needed to be awakened, this was THE opportunity…. intuition, decision, action ! In less than 2 months he became the owner.
His wife Sophie and his three daughters, Melanie, Ophelie, and Eugenie, arrived in 2010; they immediately brought the old chartreuse back to life and gave it a family feeling. Laurent shares a passion for horses with his daughter Melanie, with whom he participates in show-jumping competitions, so the stables at Rouillac were refurbished and soon recovered their original use. These elements make the equilibrium of this accomplished manager, allowing him to put Rouillac back on the rails en route for excellence.

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