A noble estate bequeathed by a King’s Counsel in the 17th century and fashioned by Baron Haussmann

From the 17th century…

Rouillac is very old and noble estate that was beaqueathed by Jean de Martigny, King’s Counsel, to Jean-Paul Loret, the then President of the parliament of Bordeaux. Today the château is a vast property that retraces the family history of its successive owners.

The most illustrious of these is without doubt Baron Haussmann, who acquired the domain in 1864. Chateau de Rouillac was his favourite retreat from the enormous work-site that he had turned Paris into. He became ‘Bordelais’ by mariage and was very favourably impressed by this property with its excellent red wines on a providential gravelly outcrop just outside the city. As he liked his comfort and appreciated refinement he ordered many improvements to the estate and fashioned the spaces according to his desires and his convictions. The different perspectives, the luminous facades, the square courtyard with its appointments, the stables, the orangerie, Rouillac forever bears the hallmark of Baron Haussmann. Everything spoke of order, progress, and elegance and for many years the château bathed in the nostalgia of those times. Centuries went by, different owners arrived, but there was never the same reign of harmony at Rouillac… until 2009.

Chateau de Rouillac, its perspectives and luminous facade, forever marked by the Baron Haussmann and brought back to life by Laurent Cisneros and his family.

… to the 21st century

In 2009 when Laurent Cisneros first set eyes on the property, he fell under the charm of this sleeping beauty and decided to link the destiny of his family with that of Rouillac. Already an accomplished businessman, he was on the lookout for a new challenge, new areas to conquer, and Rouillac provided the perfect opportunity of a new project : a generous soil and an exceptional working tool that was crying out to be re-energized. Alongside this professional project, his personal equilibrium is due to that of his family and his passionate enthusiasm for horses. Sophie, his wife, Melanie, Ophelie, and Eugenie, his three daughters, have integrated the château and brought the estate back to life. The stables have recovered horses, which were so dear to Baron Haussmannn ; Agente, Uranie, Risette and the others are here the object of every attention, allowing them to express their character and their personality.

The story of Rouillac

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