100% of the vineyard respectful of the environment

As early as January 2010, in line with his personal convictions, Laurent chose to initiate the conversion of the entire vineyard to sustainable agricultural methods with a view to obtaining HEQ (High Environmental Quality) certification. This philosophy was shared by Jean-Christophe Barron, the technical director, who comes from a family with several generations of winegrowers ; he has contributed his experience of over 20 years of dedication to the art of viti-viniculture to the project, turning the wines of Chateau de Rouillac into a real reference.

Commitment to an environmental project : a long-term objective with concrete actions

The aim of this environment-responsible policy is to enhance the postive impact on the environment of our agricultural practices while integrating the economic constraints relating to production. Following the conversion of the vineyard, which was initiated in 2010, and the implementation of technical specifications, a first step was achieved in 2012 with the obtention of certification by AREA (Agriculture Respectful of the Environment in Aquitaine). In July 2013 the domain achieved real recognition with the obtention of HEQ (High Environmental Quality) certification by AFNOR, the French standards institute, at level III of the Grenelle Environment organisation. Renewed by the certifying organisation every three years following an external audit, this certification allows the property to continue progressing in the direction of environment-responsible practices. Today Chateau de Rouillac is certified until 2019 thanks to the implementation of concrete actions :

  • the total elimination of chemical herbicides
  • the elimination of insecticides, replaced by the use of sexual confusion methods to combat grape-worms
  • the use of organic treatment products based on natural clay and essential oils
  • a return to traditional tilling methods, one third using horse-drawn tools
  • regular audits of the flora and fauna present on the estate
  • recovery and natural treatment of effluent

With the return to traditional practices the identity of a great terroir is emerging, attributing to the wines of Rouillac all the finesse, elegance and freshness that is theirs.

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